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JANAS Managing Director, Steve Boehm, was honored with a Certificate of Achievement from JANAS for his unwavering commitment to successfully finalizing the sale of Western States Glass, Inc. Navigating a closing during the Pandemic presented unique challenges.

Steve, along with other members of the JANAS team, diligently represented the diverse interests of the shareholders and upheld JANAS‘s reputation for tenacity in achieving closures.

In testimony from the Seller Legal Counsel:

“The true hero was Steve Boehm, who demonstrated exceptional skill in managing an incredibly difficult situation. He exemplifies professionalism and excellence as an Investment Banker—meticulous, comprehensive, and diligent. Steve possesses outstanding client relationship abilities. I cannot think of anyone else who could have guided our clients through such a challenging scenario to a successful resolution.”

– John W. Schwartz,  Principle at The Law Offices of John W. Schwartz

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