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Timothy Bergin, MBA, EMBA

Managing Director

Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County


Tim is an accomplished executive professional who has led major business initiatives. He is a pathfinder who leads the way for his team. Tim has served in operating and consulting roles and is an expert at all forms of Advertising & Promotion.

The M&A business is increasingly reliant on virtual company visits by buyers, virtual Due Diligence, and filmed interviews of seller executives, a skill set that Tim brings to his clients. Long, dense, text reliant Confidential Information Memoranda have given way to pictures and graphics. With the Pandemic, buyers want an immersive experience that requires the creation of compelling videos to support buyers to understand the business. More importantly, videos and ZOOM calls and recordings introduce the seller more intimately than a conference call.

The number one expected cost savings for many buyers comes from integrating acquisitions into their own operations. Tim has experience in integration that is considered low-hanging profitability opportunities by many buyers. Quantifying projected savings from such integration leads to higher valuations for the seller. Tim has hands-on experience combining systems and technology to enhance buyer understanding of acquisition benefits and reduce costs.

The highest valuation multiples are often paid by Strategic Buyers. Their acquisition process is often more complex and attenuated than with Private Equity Groups. Strategic buyers regularly pay higher prices for a company where they gain internal consensus that the acquisition of your company is a vital need. Tim has served as an Executive in Acquisition oriented companies—he knows how they think and what they need to make outsized offers.




Education & Certifications

Kellogg Northwestern University – Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Booth University of Chicago – Master of Business Administration

United States Military Academy – Bachelor of Science