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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Steve Driscol

CEO, Owner, ThermalVac Technology, Inc.,

I want to thank you and your colleagues for the outstanding work you performed … for my corporate acquisition search. From assisting in valuations and arranging financing, you covered the full scope of acquisition criteria I established with you.

James Sieminski

President, CEO, RainMaster

I want to thank you and your organization for the successful completion of our recent transaction with The Toro Corporation. I was most impressed by the Janas ability to find several qualified motivated buyers. The deal closed with a selling price that was beyond my original expectations.

Kenny Strickland

CEO, Owner, Kenny Strickland, Inc,

Janas consulted with me over 57-months to turn my company around and sell at a price far beyond my expectations. I wanted to drive away from California and never look back. The sale included the company and its owned real estate which had environmental challenges. Through your efforts, the buyer assumed responsibility for those challenges.

Rick Worth

CEO, St. Worth Container, Inc.

Janas worked with me for three years in the process of my decision to sell a majority interest. As a result of you gaining knowledge about the special aspects of my business philosophy, I achieved an above-market valuation. We established both a business and a personal relationship that continues.

JANAS – The Goddess of New Beginnings.

The Janas Difference

Mergers & Acquisitions. Janas has an unshakeable respect for the innovative
approaches that entrepreneurs apply to create and grow their businesses. We
have developed a customized, dynamic approach to the sale and acquisition of
companies. Our focus allows us to regularly achieve above-market results.

Middle Market Experts. Janas maintains day-to-day contact with acquirers,
service providers, and sources of equity and debt finance who target the Middle
Market. We know their ‘hot buttons’ and institutions are most apt to provide the
best result for our client. Janas has developed a proprietary, industry accessible
database of more than 3,000 domestic and international Private Equity Groups
who are seeking acquisitions in every industry vertical.

One Size Does Not Fit All. In today’s market, the traditional auction process may
fall short without a focus on ‘telling the company story’ to maximize results. That
is why Janas has developed detailed, multi-prong plans focused on your
Company’s strategic importance in the marketplace to achieve maximum value.
The Janas Team has prepared scores of Confidential Information Memoranda over
the last 25 years to which we attribute our success for our clients.

The Importance of Good Values. Janas creates Enterprise Value prior to sale by directing operating enhancements, negotiating vendor concessions,
and obtaining growth capital. Our clients can develop and enhance products and services, enter new markets, and sharpen focus that creates value.

The Janas Team Creates Solutions

Whether you need advice to chart a course for your company, are challenged by a need for problem solving support,or require analysis and direction to
bolster an argument:

The Answer Is Janas

Let Us Help You Write
Your Success Story

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