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Janas – 25 years

Janas – 25 years

Janas has served a myriad of clients for 25-years in a myriad of industries and businesses. The firm has served its clients from China to Hawaii, California to New York, London to Slovenia.

US based clients have benefited from FINRA licensed professionals who creatively pursue Sell Side and Buy Side transactions for the benefit of clients. Janas also serves as Management Consultants to prepare its clients for transactions, financial analysis, and operational improvement.

Janas professionals have worked in many industries and professions as business owners, CPA’s, CFO’s, CEO’s, and Consultants. Our professions ‘put themselves in the shoes of their clients.’ We understand what it is like to own a company and pursue a life changing transaction, often for the first time.

Examples of engagements include:

• KENNY STRICKLAND, INC., Petroleum Distributor. The company faced challenges during the Great Recession so that it was not ready for sale. Janas consulted with the owner to resolve numerous operating and financial issues. After 57 months, the Company sold for 3.5 times the owner’s anticipated value when Janas was engaged. Environmental liabilities were assumed by the purchaser.

• PERVO PAINT COMPANY, Road Paint Blender. Janas achieved a price offer that was below our goal. The owners were concerned about an approach to a major competitor. Janas arranged for the competitor to learn of the opportunity indirectly. The CEO and his team called and traveled the next day. The transaction was consummated at a price that was 150% of the existing offer.

• ABLE CARD CORPORATION, Award and Casino Cards. Janas recognized that this specialized manufacturer needed a buyer who understood the value of its business. We identified a Private Equity Group that was funded by Native American tribes who understood the value and paid an excellent price. The investment has turned out to be a winner for the Tribes.

• AMD LASERS, INC., Dental Laser Products. Janas negotiated a sale to public company, Dentsply, Inc. AMD had, in a short time period, captured a significant percentage of the Dental Laser Equipment business. The sale price represented a multiple of 20 times EBITDA, plus a substantial earn-out.

• WILLIAM PRYM HOLDING, GmbH. In a buy side engagement, Janas identified a New York based Fashion Industry target for its Germany based client. Janas prepared and negotiated the Letter of Intent, supported due diligence, and coordinated the transaction.

• LMDD ENTERPRISES, INC., DBA DIXON HARD CHROME. Janas undertook a competitive sale process for the client. Applying its International expertise, Janas identified a Canadian purchaser who exceeded owner price expectations and purchased the real estate which had environmental challenges.

• BRIGHT WEST, INC., Aerospace. Janas identified a newly minted purchaser, negotiated the sale, and gathered due diligence information. The transaction price, including real estate, exceeded client expectations by four times.

• CRUSH CREATIVE, INC., Digital Printing. The Janas client had assembled a group of wealthy individuals who purchased the company. Half of the purchase price was from bank financing. Janas arranged sale to a public company that was price constrained because of other acquisitions and did not meet client expectations. Janas negotiated a transaction that average cash flow for 10 of 12 months of the prior fiscal year and achieved the expected price of 6 times acquisition cost plus an earn-out.