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New Team Member – Jack Freeman

New Team Member – Jack Freeman


Jack Freeman, an experienced Investment Banker, has joined Janas as a Vice President. He has spent the entirety of his Investment Banking career serving business owners and C-suite level professionals on Mergers & Acquisition transactions and ownership transfers.

Jack is joining Janas to apply his extensive background
of developing and advancing client marketing materials, company valuations, junior banker training, and M&A process insight for Middle Market companies. Jack is an expert in financial modeling and analysis. He has represented both public and private clients across the U.S. Mainland and in HI.

Prior to joining Janas, Jack w
orked as an Investment Banking Associate at FMI Capital Advisors, a specialized middle market Investment Bank that focuses on construction and engineering companies. Previously,  Jack worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for SDR Ventures, a boutique generalist M&A advisory group focused on founder owned businesses.

Jack appreciates and understands the value in telling client company stories. Focusing on clients’ key investment considerations, Jack has assisted business owner achieve above market valuations. 

Jack is a graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is securities licensed with Series 79 and 63. 

Jack resides in Southern California. He is available to serve clients Worldwide.

If you are considering a transtion of company ownership,
please contact Jack Freeman to set up a ZOOM call.
Mobile: 720-933-8677


141 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 102, Pasadena, CA 91101-4757 USA     
Updated Web Site

Updated Web Site

The Janas Associates and Janas Consulting web sites have been combined to provide a more comprehensive description of who we are and the types of clients we serve.

Janas represents clients in the sale and acquisition of Middle Market businesses, corporate finance, and management consulting. In current assignments, Janas professionals are helping clients prepare for sale and actively working both sell side and buy side transactions for clients. Our client companies operate domestically and internationally.

Our new sights include a BLOG and connection to the web sites of affiliated firms:

                                                                                Member: FINRA and SIPC.

Family and Closely Held Business Advisors.

Clean and Renewable Energy Specialists

Our professionals have all lived other business and professional lives – CPA, CFO, Management Consultant, Business Owner, Marketing Executive, and others. We ‘put ourselves in the shoes’ of our clients in a wide variety of businesses and industries. Janas Analyst and Intern position are filled by students from US based universities.

Janas recognizes that company valuations reflect a variety of factors. Telling your “Company Story’ is a Janas specialty. We know how to identify and describe your company to enhance Ownership Value.

Over more than two decades, Janas has completed more than 80% of its sell side transactions. Our success rate significantly exceeds the transaction closing rate of other Middle Market Investment Bankers.


Buy Low, Sell High

Buy Low, Sell High

More than at any time during the 25-years since the founding of Janas, Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions valuations are strong with high demand for acquisitions. Middle Market companies are in “Sell High” territory.

Janas applies a philosophy for company divestitures designed specifically for owners who: (1) do who want to retire; (2) should diversify their investments; and (3) tap a substantial portion of company value in an excellent market.

“I sold my company, I still have my company, I will sell my company again.”

This philosophy describes company ownership who sell: (1) an ownership interest to a Private Equity Group and retain either a majority or protected minority ownership; (2) Enter into a Management Contract with above market compensation – Success Pays; and (3) Benefit from another liquidity event when the company sells again in the future.

Janas has applied this message for many years to the benefit of clients in several industries. A few examples:

Olympic Oil Co., Inc. The company had four owners, one of whom wanted to sell his entire ownership interest. Janas attracted The Riverside Company to acquire 80% of Olympic for $20.0 million. The remaining three owners retained a 20% interest, received their share of the proceeds, net of $10 million of personally guaranteed debt and the ownership interest of the fourth owner. The Private Equity Group pursued a rollup strategy and sold the expanded company. The three Olympic owners received more proceeds from the sale of their minority interest than they received from their original majority ownership.

St. Worth Containers, Inc. The owner and his deceased partner had built the company from scratch. The 50% owner/CEO wanted to cash out his deceased partner’s spouse, and take some of his proceeds off the table, but continue as CEO. Janas identified Spell Capital, a Minneapolis Private Equity Group, who: (1) acquired 85% ownership, (2) entered into a management contract with the CEO; and (3) provided the CEO with protections for his minority interest.

Sierra Energy, Inc. The Company owned a significant debt to Wells Fargo Bank that it was unable to pay. Janas divided the Company into seven divisions and sold six divisions to a variety of buyers across the region. The bank debt was paid in full and the owner retained the seventh division with an estimated Enterprise Value in excess of $10 million.

Lubricating Specialties Company. The Company was acquired from the founders with Private Equity Group participation. Growth Partners LCC invested $500,000 for a 15% equity stake. Over four years, a second PEG took out the first and the sponsor’s interest increased to 51% followed by a refinanced by a Commercial Finance Company that acquired the PEG ownership. The sponsor owned 86% and his management team owned 14%. After six years of ownership, Senior Management and another PEG acquired the sponsor’s interest. His $500,000 had increased to $17.0 million.