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Lynne Koplin has joined the firm

Lynne Koplin has joined the firm

Lynne Koplin has joined the firm as a senior Management Consultant. Her focus is on the Fashion Industry. Lynne has a vast knowledge of all aspects of building apparel brands, from product inception to sourcing, operations, marketing, and retail.

She understands the initiatives that fashion companies should pursue. Brands must be relevant, and companies must be operationally prepared for the future.

Her focus at Janas is to consult with companies in the Fashion Industry that are experiencing the dramatic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Technology has clearly changed Retail and the consumer is now in charge. Many companies, both large and small, were caught unprepared and are trying to catch up with investing in their Ecommerce platforms. She has run companies for the past twenty years that have had to do just that. She knows the challenges that companies face today and can assist in all aspects of transformation.

Lynne’s goal as a senior executive and as a Management Consultant has been to maximize client company expertise and deliver profits in all tiers of distribution. She develops increasingly diversified supply chains and astute design and marketing strategies.

Lynne has enjoyed a storied career in the Industry:

• Initiated her career with Federated Dept Stores.

• Built a strong foundation in merchandising with Burdines, Marshall Field & Co and I Magnin.

• Transitioned to wholesale and was mentored by Anne Cole, a legendary icon in the women’s swimwear business in Los Angeles.

• Invested more than 20 years managing dynamic swimwear brands that commanded more than 30% of the Swimwear segment market share.

She served as President of Tommy Bahama where she built a successful women’s business model within a menswear culture.

Lynne spent five years expanding the True Religion DTC business into a global, premium denim market powerhouse. As CEO, she worked with Guggenheim Partners to sell True Religion, then a public company, to a Private Equity Group.

She subsequently became President at JBrand, then a division of Fast Retailing. She expanded the business internationally and sustained brand awareness that continues to drive the global wholesale and e-commerce sales platform.

Lynne understands many phases of the Industry and applies that knowledge to her clients.

Janas is Pleased to Announce…

Janas is Pleased to Announce…

Tim Bergin is an accomplished executive who delivers major business initiatives. He is a pathfinder who identifies growth opportunities and leads the way for his Team.

Tim has served in both operating and consulting roles. He is an expert in all forms of Marketing – including Product/Service Development, Sales and supporting technologies.

Janas experience demonstrates that strategic buyers frequently pay the highest valuation multiples. However, their acquisition process is often more complex and attenuated than those of Private Equity Groups that are flush with acquisition capital. Strategic buyers require strong internal consensus that the acquisition of your company is a vital need.

Tim has deep, cross-functional corporate experience that enables Strategic Buyers to close transactions for sell side clients. He has led numerous initiatives requiring identification of strategic fit and realization of low-hanging fruit and long-term profitability opportunities, via business case analysis. He knows from experience which conversations and topics are essential to move from deliberation to decision.

As an added benefit, in partnership with Janas, Tim maintains close relationships with strategy and technology consulting firms that specialize in identifying acquisitions target lists for large companies.

Finally, post-COVID-19, Merger & Acquisition activity is increasingly reliant on ‘virtual experiences’ and remote Due Diligence. Tim understands how to tell your Company Story to enhance Enterprise Values for sellers and acquisition advantages for buyers. For instance, filmed interviews of seller executives and virtual plant walk-throughs can personalize and magnify a company’s value proposition. Tim brings digital communications skills to his clients that take advantage of the new world of social media, virtual meetings, and video presentations.

Tim has served as an executive in acquisition-oriented companies of all shapes and sizes — public, venture-backed and private. He knows how leadership thinks and the rationale they need to make outsized offers. Tim’s broad-based, business experience, coupled ‘can do’ military training, provides value that he brings to every client assignment.