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Western State Glass – Sale Completed

Western State Glass – Sale Completed

JANAS Managing Director Steve Boehm received a Certificate of Achievement from JANAS for his dedication to the completion of the sale of Western States Glass, Inc. Achieving a closing during the Pandemic was particularly challenging.

Steve, and other members of the JANAS TEAM, served the shareholders diverse interests and fulfilled the JANAS reputation for persistence to achieve a closing.

Testimony from Seller Legal Counsel:

“The real hero was Steve Boehm who did an extraordinary job managing a very difficult situation. He is the consummate professional and a top-flight Investment Banker – careful, thorough, and conscientious. Steve has great client relationship skills.

I am very much looking forward to working with Janas and Steve in the future.”

I do not know anyone else who could have helped walk our clients through such a very difficult situation to a successful conclusion.”

John W. Schwartz, Esq.
Principal, The Law Offices of John W. Schwartz

JANAS has adapted its service offering to address issues resulting from the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. New services include:
Due Diligence Management. Because of travel restrictions and health concerns, the firm offers in-depth Due Diligence services to support transaction closings without delay.

Manufacturer Issues. Manufacturing inefficiencies occur in good and challenged economies; however, the uncertainties of the Pandemic have enhanced those challenges. JANAS consultants can identify and correct manufacturing deficiencies and timely product delivery problems.

Crisis Management. Firm professionals are adept at helping companies and their legal counsel resolve solvency issues. Our services include Bankruptcy advice and Assignment for Benefit of Creditors. We understand company insolvency and how to manage related issues.

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CMTC Conference

CMTC Conference

Several members of the Janas Team were invited to the CMTC Conference in August as a presenter. Carter Freeman delivered a presentation about Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions (“M&A”). We interfaced with several of you in the breakout after the formal session. We believe that we can jointly support your clients in M&A endeavors.

A Janas focus is the Manufacturing Industry, including Aerospace and Defense, and Distribution, among many other industries. Janas is an Investment Bank that undertakes sell side assignments for clients.

Over the last 25-years, Janas has developed an in-house database of more than 3,000 Private Equity Groups that represent the largest population of institutional investors in Middle Market companies.

Valuations for Manufacturers and Distributors is at an all-time high. Both Private Equity Groups and Strategic Buyers are flush with liquidity.

An important service that CMTC professionals can identify is the timing for which of your clients are ready to sell all or part of their companies. Janas professionals are available to accompany you on visits to your clients to discuss their exit strategies.

During the sale process, Janas wants CMTC professionals to continue to work with the client to produce information for a transaction and to remain a contact point with client ownership and management.

Examples of completed Janas transactions:

• Sell Side – Western Exterminator. The company sold for 24X pretax cash flow. Western Exterminator was valued by its British buyer based on cost improvements in purchasing and staffing engineered in conjunction with Janas, who represented the sellers.

• Purchase of Fotona by Gores Group and 4Medicine. This international transaction closed despite a thicket of patent litigation commenced by a Fotona direct competitor. The new owners more than quadrupled its money in three years. Click here to hear how we did it.

• AMD. Obtained startup capital through by its manufacturing contract with its Chinese vendor and provided information that enhanced a lawsuit settlement. Two years later. Janas sold AMD sold for 20X EBITDA. Click here to see how we got them launched to success.