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Western State Glass – Sale Completed

Western State Glass – Sale Completed

JANAS Managing Director Steve Boehm received a Certificate of Achievement from JANAS for his dedication to the completion of the sale of Western States Glass, Inc. Achieving a closing during the Pandemic was particularly challenging.

Steve, and other members of the JANAS TEAM, served the shareholders diverse interests and fulfilled the JANAS reputation for persistence to achieve a closing.

Testimony from Seller Legal Counsel:

“The real hero was Steve Boehm who did an extraordinary job managing a very difficult situation. He is the consummate professional and a top-flight Investment Banker – careful, thorough, and conscientious. Steve has great client relationship skills.

I am very much looking forward to working with Janas and Steve in the future.”

I do not know anyone else who could have helped walk our clients through such a very difficult situation to a successful conclusion.”

John W. Schwartz, Esq.
Principal, The Law Offices of John W. Schwartz

JANAS has adapted its service offering to address issues resulting from the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. New services include:
Due Diligence Management. Because of travel restrictions and health concerns, the firm offers in-depth Due Diligence services to support transaction closings without delay.

Manufacturer Issues. Manufacturing inefficiencies occur in good and challenged economies; however, the uncertainties of the Pandemic have enhanced those challenges. JANAS consultants can identify and correct manufacturing deficiencies and timely product delivery problems.

Crisis Management. Firm professionals are adept at helping companies and their legal counsel resolve solvency issues. Our services include Bankruptcy advice and Assignment for Benefit of Creditors. We understand company insolvency and how to manage related issues.

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Janas – 25 years

Janas – 25 years

Janas has served a myriad of clients for 25-years in a myriad of industries and businesses. The firm has served its clients from China to Hawaii, California to New York, London to Slovenia.

US based clients have benefited from FINRA licensed professionals who creatively pursue Sell Side and Buy Side transactions for the benefit of clients. Janas also serves as Management Consultants to prepare its clients for transactions, financial analysis, and operational improvement.

Janas professionals have worked in many industries and professions as business owners, CPA’s, CFO’s, CEO’s, and Consultants. Our professions ‘put themselves in the shoes of their clients.’ We understand what it is like to own a company and pursue a life changing transaction, often for the first time.

Examples of engagements include:

• KENNY STRICKLAND, INC., Petroleum Distributor. The company faced challenges during the Great Recession so that it was not ready for sale. Janas consulted with the owner to resolve numerous operating and financial issues. After 57 months, the Company sold for 3.5 times the owner’s anticipated value when Janas was engaged. Environmental liabilities were assumed by the purchaser.

• PERVO PAINT COMPANY, Road Paint Blender. Janas achieved a price offer that was below our goal. The owners were concerned about an approach to a major competitor. Janas arranged for the competitor to learn of the opportunity indirectly. The CEO and his team called and traveled the next day. The transaction was consummated at a price that was 150% of the existing offer.

• ABLE CARD CORPORATION, Award and Casino Cards. Janas recognized that this specialized manufacturer needed a buyer who understood the value of its business. We identified a Private Equity Group that was funded by Native American tribes who understood the value and paid an excellent price. The investment has turned out to be a winner for the Tribes.

• AMD LASERS, INC., Dental Laser Products. Janas negotiated a sale to public company, Dentsply, Inc. AMD had, in a short time period, captured a significant percentage of the Dental Laser Equipment business. The sale price represented a multiple of 20 times EBITDA, plus a substantial earn-out.

• WILLIAM PRYM HOLDING, GmbH. In a buy side engagement, Janas identified a New York based Fashion Industry target for its Germany based client. Janas prepared and negotiated the Letter of Intent, supported due diligence, and coordinated the transaction.

• LMDD ENTERPRISES, INC., DBA DIXON HARD CHROME. Janas undertook a competitive sale process for the client. Applying its International expertise, Janas identified a Canadian purchaser who exceeded owner price expectations and purchased the real estate which had environmental challenges.

• BRIGHT WEST, INC., Aerospace. Janas identified a newly minted purchaser, negotiated the sale, and gathered due diligence information. The transaction price, including real estate, exceeded client expectations by four times.

• CRUSH CREATIVE, INC., Digital Printing. The Janas client had assembled a group of wealthy individuals who purchased the company. Half of the purchase price was from bank financing. Janas arranged sale to a public company that was price constrained because of other acquisitions and did not meet client expectations. Janas negotiated a transaction that average cash flow for 10 of 12 months of the prior fiscal year and achieved the expected price of 6 times acquisition cost plus an earn-out.





Selling Yourself

Selling Yourself

Janas was founded on the principal that lower middle market companies deserve a level of professional expertise enjoyed by their larger competitors. Janas provides that level of service to its clients.

Over the last 25 years, Janas has interfaced with owners who initially decided to sell their company themselves. They undertook the effort without engaging an Investment Bank, then received below market offers. Many such offers were accepted leaving millions of dollars on the table, an amount far in excess of investment banking fees.

In a study prepared for the Securities and Exchange Commission, of the lower middle market companies valued between $5 million and $100 million that were put on the market, the majority did not complete a transaction. And of those that did find a buyer, 80% had an advisor handling the transaction.Janas has achieved premium prices for clients whose effort to sell the business on their own did not close.

Jiffy Lube Franchisee. The owner worked to sell his company for two years and obtained an offer of $38 million for his chain of franchised locations and related real estate. Janas restructured the deal removed the real estate. The Janas competitive process resulted in a $62 million purchase price for the operations. The owner retained real estate appraised at more than $30 million. Instead of selling for $38 million, the owner walked away with a $92 million package as a result of Janas’ advisory services.

Specialty Toy Company. The owner had an offer on the table for $8 million. We promised to achieve $10 million. Through an active marketing campaign Janas achieved a transaction $12 million plus a $2 million earnout.

Auto Parts Manufacturer. The owners wanted to merge with another company with a 50% – 50% ownership structure. After detailed discussions, the deal changed unfavorably to 2/3 – 1/3 and fell apart. Janas was engaged to help the client grow without the merger. Using Janas’ advice and assistance, the company tripled in value that was realized three years later when Janas sold the business.

Successful Middle Market companies are owned and managed by entrepreneurs, who are experts at meeting their customers’ needs. However, most have never sold a business, so are much less experienced than the buyer sitting across the table. For 25 years, Janas has helped level the playing field for entrepreneurs in their once-in-a-lifetime transactions.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as an offer to buy or sell a security. Securities are offered through JCC Advisors, Member FINRA/SIPC.