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Janas provides a fresh, dedicated perspective to current operating problems to result in improved cash flow, reduced costs, and the creation of new products and market opportunities. Because you are entrusting us with your life’s work, the Janas Team and Senior Leadership focuses on your middle market business.

Each assignment is led by a team of two Senior Professionals who gain intimate knowledge of each client company. Your assignment is led by those professionals who call on all Janas professionals for input – industry knowledge, contacts, analysis, critique of approach, new ideas – to ensure that each assignment enjoys the depth of knowledge held by Janas.

Dedication of the Janas Team has achieved superior results for our clients for 25 years. Details follow.

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How to Succeed


Many companies grow through one or more acquisitions of suppliers and competitors, a process that can spur growth beyond organic growth. This process is fraught with challenges. Janas serves clients by supporting planning for the process in advance. Questions must be resolved that include:

  • Presenting Client/Buyer Qualifications
  • Size of Acquisition Targets
  • Geography and Type – Vertical or Horizontal
  • Financing Capabilities and Needs
  • Integration Plan
  • Retain or Replace Management of Targets

The Janas Team understands how to identify, qualify, and approach Targets, a skill that requires finesse.



Sources and What Does It Cost?

Operating companies require capital for growth, acquisitions, working capital, equipment, and technology purchases, among others. Debt and equity or a combination may be required to meet specific needs. Over the last 25 years, Janas has developed numerous capital sources.

Institutional Capital is sourced by Janas on behalf of its clients from various sources. Senior debt from commercial banks is the least expensive; however, banks often require personal guarantees and are hesitant to lend in the current market. Over the last two decades, alternative lenders offer a variety of senior and junior debt options.

Equity capital has lower credit risk for company owners. Private Equity Groups (“PEGs”) can be an excellent choice. The investor becomes a financial partner that can provide additional capital and invaluable advice.

Janas maintains extensive databases of PEGs along with banks and non-traditional Institutional Lenders. We maintain contact with lenders and equity providers through personal contact and regular newsletters​.

The Janas Team supports client needs to:

  • Determine Amount and Type of Capital – Debt and/or Equity
  • Identify Domestic and International Sources
  • Prepare Loan Qualification and Applications Information
  • Negotiate Terms
  • Coordinate Closing


Can my company survive?

The economic chaos caused by the Novel Coronavirus is resulting in companies in crisis, both financially and operationally. Janas clients have faced financial challenges during several recessions during our 25-years. Janas worked with clients in a variety of industries during the Great Recession of 2007-2008. Our professionals helped those companies to return to health.

Janas has singular qualifications for companies that are experiencing serious, crisis challenges related to economic and operational issues. Our firm provides resolutions for negative business situations. The Janas approach results from a combination of Merger & Acquisition intermediaries and Management Consultants.

Janas has singular qualifications for recommending challenges for client companies that are experiencing serious challenges related to economic and operational issues. Our firm understands resolutions for negative business situations as both experienced Merger & Acquisition intermediaries and Management Consultants.

Successful resolution of litigation, bankruptcy and operational challenges requires professional services from those who “have been there and done that.” Through decades of addressing challenges as Senior Executives, CFO’s, Company Owners, CPA’s, and Management Consultants, we start engagements “ahead of the game.”


Focus on Most Critical Client Challenges.

​Members of the Janas Team have ‘stood in the shoes’ of our clients. Each Team member has lived a different life – CEO, CFO, Sales and Marketing Executive, Business Owner, CPA, Corporate Board Member, Management Consultant, Educator.

Our services include may aspects of business:

  • Turnarounds
  • Strategic Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • Operational Modification
  • Litigation Support
  • Financial Analysis
  • Bankruptcy Operating and Finance
  • Capital Needs Analyses
  • Executive Interface

The Janas focus to consulting is the creation of
Enterprise Value for client company ownership.


What are your alternatives?

The most usual sale transaction involves sale of your business to an unrelated third party. After a transition period, the owner(s) retires or moves on to other activities.

American business owners are working longer and retiring later. Many such owners would prefer to ‘take chips off the table’ but continue to manage and control the business. The answer is

Partial Sale. An institutional acquires a majority stake and the owner(s) retain an ownership position with protections for their tax­ deferred ownership
The Owner(s) enter a Management Contract in which they retain management control of day-to-day operations
Final Within three to seven years, the Company resells when owner(s) enjoy a final cash out.

“I sold it; I still have it; I sold it again”

The Janas Team respects the innovative approaches that entrepreneurs create for their businesses. We have developed a customized, dynamic approach to company sales that has allowed us to regularly receive ‘above market’ valuations.

Middle Market Expertise. During the last 25 years, Janas has developed a proprietary database of more than 3,000 Private Equity Groups with whom we communicate through Newsletters and direct contact. Through databases and contacts, we identify Strategies Purchasers for whom your company can be a fit.

One Size Does NOT Fit All. In today’s market, Janas recognizes the need for innovative approaches to sale. We seek those characteristics of your company to tell your story. Our multi-pronged approach takes the ‘auction process’ to another level that focuses on the strategic importance of your business to gain maximum value.


What is your Operating Company Value?

Enterprise Value is a measure of a company’s net value on sale; that is, the theoretical takeover price on sale.

Janas excels in the identification of those aspects of your business that will be of value interest to buyers. Buyers pay premiums for companies that enhance their operations, profitability, and focus. During the valuation process, we identify those features that enhance Enterprise Value.

The Business Judgement Rule requires that the Directors of a company have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. A Janas Fairness Opinion Report is designed to support that responsibility. Firm professionals including Investment Bankers and Management Consultants conduct a Due Diligence review to ensure the inclusion of a full scope of information to support the Janas Report.