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The $1.9 trillion of spending from the COVID recovery legislation presents an unprecedented opportunity for business owners. Your customers will be flush with cash, the economy will be booming, and if you apply your resources, the value of your business can climb to its highest levels ever.

Examples of JANAS clients who took advantage of recovering economies:

Molding International & Engineering, Inc., an automotive insert molder, engaged JANAS to prepare a Strategic Plan. JANAS recommended that the company take advantage of rapidly declining costs by employing flexible robotics and for the principals to change management positions. Four years later, JANAS sold the company for triple the original JANAS valuation.

Anzon, an osteo-implant manufacturer, lost business to Europe as the US dollar strengthened after 9/11. JANAS helped slim down operations and increased capacity in advanced machining. The business became a big money maker when work returned from Europe and the osteo-implant market exploded. With improved implant technology, sales tripled, and earnings and transaction value increased 5-fold.

Crush Creative, a grand format printing company, was acquired from a financially troubled predecessor. JANAS worked with the operating manager backed by a group of individual investors. The company targeted innovative owners to advertise and grow their businesses. Four years later, JANAS sold Crush for a 10X return on the original invested capital.

MIE, Anzon, and Crush were all companies that seized one-time opportunities. The US economy had begun to recover from a devastating recession. JANAS perceived 2021 as another opportunity to take advantage of weakened competition from the COVID-19 pandemic. Transformational work and lifestyle changes combined with a large labor pool can transform your business.


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