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Four Ways We Can Help You Achieve Uncommon Success

Because you’re entrusting us with your life’s work, Janas only allows senior investment bankers and consultants to work on your middle market business.  That’s one reason why, for the past fifteen years, Janas has achieved superior results for our clients in the following areas:

Growth Capital – Raising capital to maintain current operations and undertake growth strategies by arranging equity and debt.

Sell-Side Mergers and Acquisitions – Selling all or part of companies, entering into mergers, and buying out existing shareholders, regularly achieving above market valuations for our clients.

Management Consulting – Providing a fresh perspective on current operating problems, resulting in improved cash flow, reduced costs, and the creation of new products and market opportunities.

Buy-Side Mergers and Acquisitions – Acquisition of facilities, product lines and entire businesses, and arranging the capital required to complete purchases.


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