JANAS serves Industrial and Manufacturing clients in North America and internationally from China to Eastern Europe. Los Angeles constitutes the largest diverse manufacturing area of the United States, with more manufacturing than the entire State of Michigan. The area provides unique products and services to customers through innovation, flexibility and quality.

JANAS professionals have served as senior executives and business owners of specialty manufacturers. Success for JANAS clients reflects our ability to relate to client challenges.

JANAS professionals focus on businesses to enhance their Enterprise Value. JANAS has been especially effective in telling client stories so that, over the past decade, JANAS has successfully completed more than 80% of Sell Side mandates.


Pervo Paint Company went from multiple challenges -inventory shortages, a sales tax surprise, underfunded union pensions, and superfund obligations – to a successful sale. JANAS consulted with the client to successfully resolve the issues. Pervo was sold by JANAS  for 10 times EBITDA, plus $4.0 million in post-closing income from tax savings, EPA settlements, and other values.

St. Worth Container, Inc., is a manufacturer of corrugated boxes for whom JANAS identified a Private Equity buyer. JANAS recognized that the Company operated as a ‘fast delivery supplier’ in a lead-time industry garnering a 30% premium over typical sheet plant valuations. The CEO rolled over a minority ownership position with protective rights and entered into a favorable management contract negotiated by JANAS .

Lubricating Specialties Company, a long-time client, was approached by a Chinese distributor of specialty lubricants. Distributor sales had plummeted after the products were no longer “Made in America”.  JANAS led negotiations that resulted in a mutually beneficial Joint Venture. The JANAS client owned 51% of the Joint Venture post-closing.

JANAS prepared a Strategic Plan for the two owners of Molding International & Engineering, Inc. JANAS then supported a flexible robotics plan that significantly reduced capital investment to bring on new programs, making even smaller programs eligible for six-sigma robotics. JANAS directed the owners – an engineer and a CPA – to swap their management focus to reflect each owner’s strengths. JANAS identified a strategic buyer whose valuation at closing tripled the Enterprise Value of the Company, compared with the value four years earlier.


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The sale of Western States Glass, Inc. was quite a saga. The real hero was JANAS’ Managing Director, Steve Boehm, who did an extraordinary job managing a difficult situation. He is the consummate professional and a top-flight Investment Banker – careful, thorough, and conscientious. Steve has great client relationship skills. I don’t know anyone else who could have helped walk our clients through such a difficult situation to a successful conclusion. I am very much looking forward to working with JANAS and Steve in the future.

John W. Schwartz

Esq. Principal, The Law Offices of John W. Schwartz

My co-founder and I engaged JANAS to prepare a Strategic Plan for the company we founded, Molding International & Engineering, Inc. The valuation of the company at that time was below our needs. JANAS supported our efforts to enhance our automated work cell technology driven manufacturing processes and to modify the Company management direction by supporting a change in individual responsibilities. Four years after we engaged JANAS , the firm sold the company during the Great Recession for more than three times the original valuation.

Craig Heiserman, CPA

Former Senior Executive and Board Member, MIE, Partner, Heiserman & Hamer, CPA’s, Temecula, CA