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Food Industry.
How to Sell a Food Business.
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Want Your Share of $1 Trillion?
Private Equity Groups (PEG) worldwide are reported to have $1.0 Trillion of ‘dry powder’?
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Steven P. Boehm, Managing Director
Janas is happy to announce that Steven P. Boehm has joined the firm as a Managing Director.
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Investment Bankers and Consultants Meeting Client Challenges.
The market indicates high ebitda multiples for quality companies private equity and strategic buyers.
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Get Deals Done.
Whether in the US or abroad, Janas understands the ins and outs of the Middle Market and serves companies in a wide variety of industries.
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Improving on Letters of Intent.
Janas uses its superior understanding of its client’s business to craft provisions in the Letter of Intent that may significantly increase prices paid at closing.
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Ebitda Multiples Remain High For Sellers.
Is there ever a right time to sell your company? Based on our 20-years of experience at Janas, we believe now is a favorable time. –  Read More

Thierry W. Dubois has Joined the Firm as Managing Director.
Thierry has worked with hundreds of business owners devising strategies to unleash the full potential of their companies –  Read More

Now is the time to Consider Selling Your Business
Wondering where to start? Janas has helped scores of owners understand their options to enhance value and to determine the right time to sell. –  Read More

FOOD COMPANIES – Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions
Now is the time to consider a sale. –  Read More

Up Go Interest Rates! Down Go Business Valuations!
The window for maximizing the sale price of companies is starting to close. –  Read More

Loan Satisfaction Negotiations in Conjunction with Lamb and Kawakami, LLP.
Achieved a 22.5% discount for Muranaka upon payment of loans. –  Read More

How to Take Chips Off the Table, Retain Control and have an Open Checkbook for Expansion
Here is how to ‘Have your cake and eat it too’. –  Read More

Private Equity Investment
Buyers are aggressively looking to invest in good operating companies. –  Read More

The Year of Business Sale 2015
2015 will be as strong or stronger then 2014. –  Read More

Janas Saves Client $1,550,000 on Superfund Settlement
Managing businesses regularly results in expanded returns for clients. –  Read More

Are you a Scaredy Cat CEO?
What’s Driving Growth in M&A Deal Financing in 2014? –  Read More

Expertise in Medical Devices plus Emerging Markets Results in Historic Transaction
First US Private Equity investment in Slovenia. –  Read More

Smart Money is Selling Its Companies at a Record Pace
Is it time for you to sell? –  Read More

SBA/Score Expo Session
Want to own your own business in 2013? –  Read More

Southern California Food Executives Speaker Presentation & Networking Meeting
Hear Rick Andrade, Investment Banker, SBA/SCORE volunteer instructor. –  Read More

Taking Picasso from Prototype to Masterpiece
Janas Consulting Helps AMD Lasers Dominate the Dental Laser Market. – Read More

Specializing in Success
These are tough and unforgiving times. Small errors and learning curve mistakes can be fatal. Lenders and financiers have rarely been pickier. Buyers are more cautious and difficult to please. Competition is cutthroat. You only get one chance and you’d better get it right. – Read More

Full Service Bankruptcy Advisory
Janas Consulting is expert in providing managerial and strategic evaluation to troubled companies. The Firm has provided successful outcomes for troubled companies in operations restructuring and interim management. – Read More

Janas Engineers Consolidation in the Road Markings Business
Janas Associates is pleased to announce the sale of the assets of Pervo Paint Company, a manufacturer of specialty traffic paints to Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions. – Read More

Negotiations in China
Negotiations for client in China. – Read More

Financial Advisor, Trusteeship and Receivership
Hugh Scheffy, Managing Director of Janas Consulting, is the court appointed Trustee in the bankruptcy liquidations of two separate, multistate Liquidating Trusts in conjunction with the bankruptcy of a large residential developer. – Read More

Petroleum Distribution Industry
Do current events in the Petroleum Distribution Industry keep you awake at night thinking about your next move? The Industry breathed a sigh of relief when gasoline and diesel prices declined. – Read More

Baby Boomer Transition Strategies
The First Baby Boomer collected social security benefits in 2008. By 2023, only 14 years from now, an estimated 7 million Baby Boomers who own businesses will retire. – Read More

Janas announces sale of Redwood Coast Petroleum
Janas Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Redwood Coast Petroleum, Inc, to PR Oil Company, a portfolio company of Private Equity Fun, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners. – Read More

Janas announces sale of Sierra Energy’s Oroville Bulk Plant Operations
Janas Associates announces the sale o f the Oroville Bulk Plant Operations of Sierra Energy to Interstate Oil Company, Inc. Janas Associates and Sierra Energy Management engineered the sale of Sierra Energy by operating or geographic divisions to maximize the overall sale price for the owner. – Read More

Janas announces sale of Sierra Energy’s Bulk Plant
Janas Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Sierra Energy’s Bulk Plant and Cardlock Operations to Hunt & Sons, Inc. Janas Associates represented the owners of Sierra by identifying interested buyers, structuring the sale, and supporting completion of the transaction. – Read More

Janas announces sale of Petroleum Distributor Lee Escher Oil Co.
Janas Associates is pleased to announce the sale of Petroleum Distributor Lee Escher Oil Co. (“Escher”) to Glenn Beck Oil Co. Janas Associates represented the owners of Escher in identifying interested buyers, structuring the sale, and supporting completion of the transaction. – Read More


News Releases

Barton F. Webb
Barton F. Webb, MBA, has joined Janas as a Managing Director and will lead Janas’ existing Aerospace and Defense Practice. –  Read More

Janas Managing Director, Mitch Ratulea, is visiting with Urôs Krizanec, Attorney, in Ljubljana, Slovenia
They discuss acquisition opportunities in the Republic of Slovenia. –  Read More

Specialist in Alternate and Renewable Energy
Bill Garnett is a highly valued member of the Janas Team. –  Read More

Ricardo J. Alvarez, Ph.D.
Ric joined Janas in June as an Investment Banker and Management Consultant. –  Read More

A New Face At Janas
John Cahoon joined the Janas Team as an Investment Banker last year. –  Read More

Janas is Recruiting Professionals in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Management Consulting for our Expanding Practice
And Janas announces expansion of our technology and media transaction practice. –  Read More

Janas Associates Welcomes George Bristol as Managing Director
Janas Associates is pleased to announce the addition of George Bristol to its professional group in the Pasadena office. – Read More

Hugh Scheffy has joined Janas Consulting as a Managing Director in its Turnaround Management Consulting Division
Hugh has served as interim CFO and CIO on turnaround assignments. – Read More

Joe Feig has joined Janas Consulting as a Managing Director
He has guided the growth of privately held companies from start up to public offering and served global public companies as a senior financial officer and consultant. – Read More

Janas Associates Opens China Offices
Janas Capital Corporation has formed Janas Associates (Hong Kong), Ltd. and Janas Associates (China), Ltd. and has opened offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. – Read More

Janas Consulting Opens Honolulu Office
Janas Consulting, Inc. has opened as office in Honolulu to serve clients in Hawaii and the South Pacific. Areas of client service include financial consulting, turnaround consulting and Visitor Industry consulting. Michael Givens, George Lipp and Robert Moore have joined the firm in Honolulu. – Read More

Richard “Dick” E. Gregerson becomes President of Janas Associates
Richard E. Gregerson has been promoted to President of Janas Associates, an international investment banking and management consulting firm. Mr. Gregerson joined Janas in 2001 as Managing Director. – Download

Kern Kwong, Ph.D. becomes Chairman – Asia Pacific of Janas Associates
Kern Kwong has been promoted to Chairman – Asia Pacific of Janas Associates, Investment Bankers and Consultants. Dr. Kwong joined Janas Associates in January 2004 as a Managing Director. – Read More

Michael G. Poma joins Janas Associates
Michael G. Poma has joined Janas Associates as a Managing Director. Mike was the majority owner of Poma Distributing Company, Inc., Poma Automated Fueling, Inc. and Inland Petroleum Equipment & Repair, Inc. – Download


Resources and Articles

Articles and Presentations

How to Make Your Business More Valuable to BuyersSpeech given to the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce. Only a small percentage of small and lower-middle market businesses sell even in good economies. This speech focused on strategies to help entrepreneurs make their businesses more attractive to buyers by taking proactive measures. Several examples of successful transformations are presented that can benefit small and middle market business owners who are thinking about preparing for eventual sale. Read More



International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms—A key element of Investment Banking is determining the valuation of a company or transaction. The terminology for business valuations is often technical in nature and quite specialized in definition. We have provided this Glossary to help clients better understand the meaning of that specialized terminology and to acquaint them with some of the major approaches utilized to determine Valuation. – Read More


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