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JANAS maintains representation in foreign venues that include London, Ljubljana, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. JANAS recently completed a transaction for a German client and has sold US companies to Canadian buyers. Foreign clients include transactions in healthcare products, manufacturing, and distribution. JANAS has represented USA based clients with international sellside, buyside, and consulting assignments.

JANAS has extensive experience serving international and domestic clients with international operations and interests at home and abroad. Services provided include Mergers & Acquisitions – Sell Side and Buy Side; Manufacturing Supply and Terms; Economic Feasibility Studies; Initial Public Offering Preparation; and. JANAS experience includes more than 30 foreign countries and territories.

Although the world has become global, high stakes transactions often ‘go off the rails’ due to underlying cultural preferences and differences. JANAS applies its cross-cultural experience to identify and bridge these differences. JANAS supports clients in successful international transactions and operating relationships.

JANAS professionals understand the intricacies of conducting business in a variety of cultures. Firm Professionals and Staff members started their careers and education in other countries. The firm has interfaced and gained cooperation from United States Embassies and Ambassadors and US Chamber of Commerce offices abroad to enhance its contacts in other countries.

Telling your story and closing your deal across language and cultural lines are key in international deals.


Martek Group

MARTEK GROUP, subsidiary of a French company engaged, JANAS for a buyside assignment. JANAS identified 14 potential US acquisitions including 8 Target companies that MARTEK had unsuccessfully approached. MARTEK successfully completed a strategic acquisition of a Target. The French parent and its subsidiaries subsequently sold.

Prym Group

German headquartered company, WILLIAM PRYM HOLDING GMBH, engaged JANAS to lead the effort to acquire SHER PLASTICS, INC., a New York provider of Fashion Industry products. JANAS identified SHER as a Target and developed a relationship with the owners. JANAS negotiated basic acquisition terms, prepared the Letter of Intent, and participated in the transaction closing.

Coast Plating Inc
ORMAN, LLC, was sold to Great Lakes Quick Lube by a JANAS Managing Director who initiated, negotiated, and structured the sale. The units were subsequently acquired by Valvoline and the company operates under the Valvoline name.



Dalian, China. IPO Preparation.

FOTONA, d.d.

Ljubljana Slovenia. Laser Medical Products, Buyside.


Melboune, Australia. Acquisition Funding


Lanzhou, China. Robotic Battery Systems, Equity


Shanghai, China. Industrial Lubricant Joint Venture


Orange City, CA. Merger with Amsterdam, Netherlands counterpart


Kaiping, China, PRC. Polyester and Nulon Manufacturer, Restructure Debt and Sale


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My partner and I entered a buy side agreement with JANAS. The firm identified numerous targets and arranged financing. Working as a team, we identified potential targets and met with several lenders. Ultimately, I accepted an executive position with an international Fashion Industry company that engaged JANAS to pursue the acquisition of a company identified in the original search. JANAS professionals arranged and attended meetings, prepared the Letter of Intent, negotiated with the sellers, and interfaced with the acquirers M&A Department resulting in the successful acquisition of the targeted company. All in all, my experience with Janas was excellent.
Brian Moore

CEO, Prym Fashion

The advice and focus by JANAS that our company became more financially transparent turned out to be the best advice ever. The insistence of JANAS professionals showed an understanding of many challenges. The approach recommended resulted in a highly successful IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Huang Yi

Co-Founder and Senior Executive, Zhongsheng Holding Co., Inc. Dalian, China, PRC

Janas brought to Slovenia a knowledge of Merger & Acquisitions that did not previously exist in such detail. JANAS demonstrated an ability to continue with a difficult transaction for a company controlled by the Slovenian government. The transaction closed – after 37 months. We would never have closed this transaction if we did not have Carter Freeman on our side. His exceptional emotional intelligence and his eagerness to close the transaction made it work. Thank you, Carter!
Uros Krizanec

Managing Partner, Sibincic Krizanec, Attorneys at Law, Ljubljana, Slovenia