The US Healthcare Market is approaching 20% of US GDP. Of the top Fortune 50 companies, 42 have significant healthcare operations. Janas focuses on high tech manufacturing and supply chain companies supporting this growing sector of the economy. The sale of Janas clients in the Health Care Industry have commanded substantial premiums.


JANAS served as Consultant and Investment Banker to AMD LASERS, INC., a marketer of Dental Lasers. AMD, a spinoff from a related entity, required organizational support. JANAS consulted in the successful settlement of a claim from an Industry competitor that resulted in triple the original claim by AMD. JANAS consulted with the owner of AMD to hire key employees, develop internal reporting and the corporate culture. JANAS negotiated with the Chinese vendor to restate the manufacturing agreement, reduce product pricing, and improve payment terms, JANAS sold AMD to a public company, , for 10 times EBITDA plus a potential Earnout.

JANAS agreed to consult with ANZON, a manufacturer of Medical Implant Devices, to enhance EBITDA and sell the Company. JANAS completed a financial structuring analysis, recommended operational restructuring, and developed strategic alternatives. JANAS sold ANZON to MICRO PRECISION SWISS, LLC, for 8 times EBITDA, a subsidiary of ORCHID ORTHOPEDIC SOLUTIONS, a major manufacturer of medical implants.

JANAS contracted with the owners of this manufacturer of Latex Compounds for Medical and Industrial applications to enhance financial results. JANAS prepared a Strategic Plan. The plan defined marketing strengths and identified new potential customers. CALIFORNIA MEDICAL INNOVATIONS implemented the Plan that produced a 63% increase in sales over two years and passed the Company to the next generation.

TECHNOLOGY4MEDICINE, INC. engaged JANAS to negotiate and finance the acquisition of Fotona, d.d. Ljubljana, Slovenia. The Company was distributor for Fotona, a manufacturer of laser medical and dental products. JANAS negotiated the transaction; obtained equity financing from Private Equity Firm, The Gores Group, and financing from the Slovene subsidiary of a Russian bank. The transaction required 37 months. JANAS obtained support from the United States Embassy and the US Chamber of Commerce.


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At the end of our meetings in Shanghai with our client’s manufacturer, “The result of your negotiations demonstrated your experience in China. You replaced a three-page agreement with a 30-page agreement to get my intellectual property back, you got the price per unit reduced by 20%, and you renegotiated purchase terms that resulted in my company getting $2 million dollars in free credit. Without you, I would still be at a severe disadvantage. Thank you. Let’s do more.”

Al Miller

CEO, Owner, AMD Lasers, LLC