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Since our establishment over 20 years ago, JANAS Associates – JANAS Consulting and JCC Advisors have consistently ranked among the top 10% of M&A specialists nationwide. Collectively, we have joined forces to cater to the specialized needs of lower middle-market companies globally. JANAS has achieved the highest close rate compared to most of our competitors, concluding more than 80% of our sell-side transactions at superior multiples and with better deal structures. According to industry statistics, this stands in contrast to the industry norm, where firms typically only achieve a 50%-60% close rate for their sell-side mandates.

In the food industry, JANAS has collaborated with various companies, including Ag-Growers, Packers, Shippers, Food Processors, Distributors, Restaurants, and more. Our recent $90M food deal is set to be sold for a 10x multiple after leveraging our network of industry CEOs in the sale process, significantly increasing the sale price. Therefore, feel free to reach out to us. We are confident we can replicate the same success for your portfolio exits.


Middle Market Investment Bank and Management Consulting firm established in 1990
Experts in transactions for businesses with valuations ranging from $5M to $150M
Comprised of 14 Bankers and Consultants
Each possessing an average of 25 years of business experience
Alumni of top universities and premier U.S. corporations
Achieving an 80% close rate, surpassing the industry average of 50%-60%

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