Southern California is the nation’s largest manufacturing center and home to ports that process 37% of U.S. imports. SoCal is the home of many premiere distributors.

Acquiring regional distributors has been a highly profitable strategy for Private Equity Groups and Strategic Buyers. JANAS Investment Bankers have participated in distributor roll-ups that have been exceptionally profitable for both buyers and sellers. JANAS knows the true value of your business as part of these lucrative transactions. JANAS regularly achieves prices for our clients that exceed the ‘Market’ and their expectations.

Focus on specific segments of the Automotive Retail Services Industry has placed JANAS at the center of Industry consolidations. Chevron Corporation invited JANAS professionals to speak at a Distributors Convention. Major Oil Companies were seeking the consolidation of distributors, an effort in which JANAS served many client companies. The Petroleum Distribution Industry is well understood by JANAS.

JANAS served Quick Lube owners in their efforts to sell their operations or expand through acquisitions. Many companies in the Industry have been acquired and combined; however, the Industry continues to have opportunities.

Automotive Collision Repair companies vary from one-shop to large, multi-location conglomerates. Members of the JANAS team have served owners of both large and small players in this industry segment. A JANAS Managing Director was a member of the team that sold Caliber Collision.


Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc., a distributor of specialized casters, engaged JANAS to sell the Company. Challenges arose because of an unprofitable acquisition in Texas. JANAS advised the ownership on the Texas turnaround to enhance EBITDA. JANAS identified a buyer, a portfolio company of Shoreview Industries, Monroe Engineering, LLC, that was a unique fit for the buyer. Prior to closing, Monroe proposed a lower price based on the results of a Quality of Earnings Report. JANAS convinced the buyer that the Report challenges did not change the purchase price. The transaction closed for the owner of Magnus  based on Letter of Intent terms for a premium price of more than 40% above the Industry average.

Olympic Oil, Ltd., a lubricant compounder/blender, engaged JANAS to recapitalize the Company. As result of a virtual auction, JANAS identified The Riverside Company, a Private Equity Group, that acquired 80% ownership. Riverside subsequently engaged JANAS to identify other acquisition targets for a roll-up in the Petroleum compounding/blending Industry. Leon H. Bartlett, Inc., a Petroleum Distribution company engaged JANAS represent the owner’s interests during Chapter 11 bankruptcy. JANAS identified an Industry buyer, provided financing information to the buyer’s bank, and closed the sale to benefit the owner of Bartlett and its owner.

Sierra Energy, Inc., engaged JANAS to sell the Company and its seven divisions located in Northern California and Nevada. The Company had significant bank debt that was in Special Assets for forced collection. The efforts of JANAS to sell all divisions to one buyer provided inadequate funds to pay the bank in full. JANAS developed an alternate strategy to market the divisions separately. Six of the seven divisions sold for a value that paid the bank in full and the owner retained the 7th division with a value of $10.0 million.

Lee Escher Oil Co. Inc., engaged JANAS to sell their Petroleum Distribution company. JANAS initiated, structured the transaction and coordinated the closing. JANAS acted as financial advisors to company owners.

The principal owner of Poma Companies engaged JANAS to sell both the parent and its subsidiary. Poma was a Petroleum Distributor and Cardlock owner/operator. The Company was sold to a Private Equity Group that paid the highest EBITDA multiple paid for an industry company. JANAS arranged bank financing to complete closing. After the sale closed, Mike Poma joined JANAS as a Managing Director.

JANAS was engaged by the South Korean parent company and its U.S. subsidiary to identify potential acquisition candidates for Daesang Corporation. The client’s goal was an acquisition that would promote significant expansion of its presence in North America through local production. JANAS pre-qualified 12 Targets and participated in acquisition negotiations.


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I am convinced that the story that JANAS told about Redwood created a lot of value. The sale price of my company exceeded my expectations. I retired with a smile.

Bob Barbieri

CEO, Owner, Redwood Coast Petroleum Company

JANAS’ advice and focus on our company become more transparent each time and turned out to be the best advice ever. Their insistence directed an approach that resulted in our success in going public in Hong Kong.

Huang Yi

Co-Founder/Senior Official, Zhongsheng Holding Co., Inc., Dalian, China