Passion, ingenuity, and persistence are required to build a trusted consumer brand. The qualities that drive consumer spending, which accounts for more than 70% of the US economy, require in depth knowledge and experience.

Represented companies that own major brands:
• Chevron Corporation
• Panasonic
• Jiffy Lube
• Western Exterminator, Inc.
• Mr. Gasket Company

As can be seen, JANAS has successfully represented iconic brands and companies that support them in both M&A and Management Consulting assignments. Clients include specialty packaging, advertising/media, specialty design, and other creative services.

Service companies support Consumer Brands at a variety of levels. Likewise, JANAS understands the valuation of service companies. Comparatively, JANAS professionals have led companies that utilize industry service entities.

Just as a successful brand requires product positioning and support services, so do companies planning to buy or sell. JANAS is an expert at reading the market and discovering your company’s unique value proposition. Our ability to tell your compelling story to the right buyer has led to exceptional results for our clients.


A German headquartered company, William Prym Holding GmbH, engaged JANAS to lead the effort to acquire Sher Plastics, Inc, a New York provider of Fashion Industry products. First, JANAS identified Sher Plastics as a Target and developed a relationship with the owners. Then, JANAS negotiated basic acquisition terms, prepared the Letter of Intent, and participated in the transaction closing.

Crush Creative, Inc., engaged JANAS to sell this Digital Processing & Printing Company that serviced Chain Retailers and the Movie Industry. The owners consulted with JANAS during acquisition of Crush Creative for an excellent price. JANAS identified a public company acquirer, Merisel, Inc. for a valuation six times the original purchase price. Then, JANAS negotiated with the buyer to pay a 30% EBITDA multiple over its four, prior acquisitions by proposing a novel recalculation of EBITDA. The additional value was received as an Earnout.

Owens Geotechnical, Inc., specializing in Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Services, contracted with JANAS to dispose of a 49% ownership interest. Straightaway, JANAS determined the value of the minority interest and arranged for a buyout by the remaining owners.

Western Extermination Company engaged JANAS to sell the company to one potential buyer. Right away JANAS recognized that the company was overstaffed and obtained publicly available operating information about the buyer, a London based Public Company. Then JANAS concluded that the multiple to the buyer could be effectively reduced by applying its parameters to Western Exterminator. Finally, JANAS sold the company for 24 times EBITDA.

Chevron Corporation, a Super-Major oil company, wanted its distributors to become larger and more corporate. Hence, JANAS was engaged to analyze the operations and ownership of three geographically diverse independent distributors. The planning process determined each distributor’s organizational readiness to make acquisitions. This effort kicked off a 15-year Petroleum Industry consolidation in which JANAS completed more than three dozen transactions.

Subsea Solutions, Inc., contracted JANAS to evaluate the efficacy of acquiring similar companies. Firstly, JANAS determined the relatively value of both domestic and international targets. Further, JANAS prepared valuations of the companies, domestic and international, and negotiated merger terms. The combined companies sold itself successfully after integration of the merged companies.


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These guys are so good that their fees were the best money I ever spent. They got our lender and the buyer to agree to terms that I never imagined could be accomplished. My partners and I received a much higher price that anticipated.


Guy Claudy

President, Crush Creative, Inc.

JANAS exceeded my expectations. Their professionals were relentless in completing a highly beneficial deal for me and my family. And JANAS went beyond my plan and negotiated a significant discount in a loan prepayment penalty. I willingly paid a bonus for a job well done.

Tony Fanticola

CEO and Owner, Fanticola


After much consideration, I decided to sell the Poma Companies that I acquired from my father. I had met JANAS professionals at a Petroleum Distribution conference and engaged JANAS sell the Company. JANAS and the Poma Team worked together effectively. Post-closing, I recognized my interested in M&A and joined JANAS as a Managing Director. After a decade, I am with my family on sabbatical in Spain.


Mike Poma

Former CEO, Poma Companies,

Managing Director, JANAS CORP.