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Tim Bergin is an accomplished executive who delivers major business initiatives. He is a pathfinder who identifies growth opportunities and leads the way for his Team.

Tim has served in both operating and consulting roles. He is an expert in all forms of Marketing – including Product/Service Development, Sales and supporting technologies.

Janas experience demonstrates that strategic buyers frequently pay the highest valuation multiples. However, their acquisition process is often more complex and attenuated than those of Private Equity Groups that are flush with acquisition capital. Strategic buyers require strong internal consensus that the acquisition of your company is a vital need.

Tim has deep, cross-functional corporate experience that enables Strategic Buyers to close transactions for sell side clients. He has led numerous initiatives requiring identification of strategic fit and realization of low-hanging fruit and long-term profitability opportunities, via business case analysis. He knows from experience which conversations and topics are essential to move from deliberation to decision.

As an added benefit, in partnership with Janas, Tim maintains close relationships with strategy and technology consulting firms that specialize in identifying acquisitions target lists for large companies.

Finally, post-COVID-19, Merger & Acquisition activity is increasingly reliant on ‘virtual experiences’ and remote Due Diligence. Tim understands how to tell your Company Story to enhance Enterprise Values for sellers and acquisition advantages for buyers. For instance, filmed interviews of seller executives and virtual plant walk-throughs can personalize and magnify a company’s value proposition. Tim brings digital communications skills to his clients that take advantage of the new world of social media, virtual meetings, and video presentations.

Tim has served as an executive in acquisition-oriented companies of all shapes and sizes — public, venture-backed and private. He knows how leadership thinks and the rationale they need to make outsized offers. Tim’s broad-based, business experience, coupled ‘can do’ military training, provides value that he brings to every client assignment.




Juliette Harrhy, an experienced M&A attorney, has joined Janas as a Managing Director. Her storied career with Hahn & Hahn, Kirkland & Ellis and Alston & Bird has focused on buy-side and sell-side transactions, representing Corporations, Private Equity Funds, Family-Owned Businesses and Individuals.

Juliette is joining Janas to apply her extensive background to focus on business strategies, due diligence, and family transition issues.  Juliette has almost 30 years of experience with middle market transactions, in both in the US and Europe. She has observed that many clients would benefit from pre-sale advice to maximize the benefits of their contemplated transactions. As an Investment Banker, she brings an in-depth understanding of buyer and seller motivations, as well as knowledge of the legal issues that could prevent sellers from maximizing the return from their sale transactions.

Her legal practice included cradle to grave corporate counseling with a focus on transactions. She has led teams on purchase and sale matters with values from a few million dollars to more than $1.0 billion.

Juliette’s experience enables her to balance client priorities. She advises clients about the complexities of the legal process which require balancing seller and buyer requirements to complete mutually satisfactory transactions. Her expertise streamlines and expedites the sales process for clients and anticipates issues that she solves proactively.

Her legal career began in London, with a mid-sized law practice where she focused on corporate matters. Upon moving to the US, she was a member of the Financial Services Group at Alston & Bird, an Atlanta firm with offices in Los Angeles and other cities.

During her tenure as a Partner with Kirkland & Ellis in Los Angeles, Juliette represented Private Equity Groups in buy-side and sell-side transactions in the Consumer Products, Industrial, Medical, and Food Products Industries. She also has expertise in transactions for distressed businesses, including bankruptcy. Her clients included troubled companies in Energy, Telecommunications, and Food Service.

Juliette’s experience in working with clients of different types and sizes, operating in diverse fields, makes her adept at understanding client objectives. She understands ‘telling client company stories’ to enhance M&A and Consulting results.

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New Team Member – Jack Freeman

New Team Member – Jack Freeman


Jack Freeman, an experienced Investment Banker, has joined Janas as a Vice President. He has spent the entirety of his Investment Banking career serving business owners and C-suite level professionals on Mergers & Acquisition transactions and ownership transfers.

Jack is joining Janas to apply his extensive background
of developing and advancing client marketing materials, company valuations, junior banker training, and M&A process insight for Middle Market companies. Jack is an expert in financial modeling and analysis. He has represented both public and private clients across the U.S. Mainland and in HI.

Prior to joining Janas, Jack w
orked as an Investment Banking Associate at FMI Capital Advisors, a specialized middle market Investment Bank that focuses on construction and engineering companies. Previously,  Jack worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for SDR Ventures, a boutique generalist M&A advisory group focused on founder owned businesses.

Jack appreciates and understands the value in telling client company stories. Focusing on clients’ key investment considerations, Jack has assisted business owner achieve above market valuations. 

Jack is a graduate of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is securities licensed with Series 79 and 63. 

Jack resides in Southern California. He is available to serve clients Worldwide.

If you are considering a transtion of company ownership,
please contact Jack Freeman to set up a ZOOM call.
Mobile: 720-933-8677


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Western State Glass – Sale Completed

Western State Glass – Sale Completed

JANAS Managing Director Steve Boehm received a Certificate of Achievement from JANAS for his dedication to the completion of the sale of Western States Glass, Inc. Achieving a closing during the Pandemic was particularly challenging.

Steve, and other members of the JANAS TEAM, served the shareholders diverse interests and fulfilled the JANAS reputation for persistence to achieve a closing.

Testimony from Seller Legal Counsel:

“The real hero was Steve Boehm who did an extraordinary job managing a very difficult situation. He is the consummate professional and a top-flight Investment Banker – careful, thorough, and conscientious. Steve has great client relationship skills.

I am very much looking forward to working with Janas and Steve in the future.”

I do not know anyone else who could have helped walk our clients through such a very difficult situation to a successful conclusion.”

John W. Schwartz, Esq.
Principal, The Law Offices of John W. Schwartz

JANAS has adapted its service offering to address issues resulting from the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. New services include:
Due Diligence Management. Because of travel restrictions and health concerns, the firm offers in-depth Due Diligence services to support transaction closings without delay.

Manufacturer Issues. Manufacturing inefficiencies occur in good and challenged economies; however, the uncertainties of the Pandemic have enhanced those challenges. JANAS consultants can identify and correct manufacturing deficiencies and timely product delivery problems.

Crisis Management. Firm professionals are adept at helping companies and their legal counsel resolve solvency issues. Our services include Bankruptcy advice and Assignment for Benefit of Creditors. We understand company insolvency and how to manage related issues.

Office: 626-432-7000                        Cell: 310-5970166 

141 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 102, Pasadena, CA 91101-4757 USA     

New Team Member – David Adler

New Team Member – David Adler


Janas Consulting, Inc. is proud to announce the additional of David Adler as a new professional to the Janas Team. During the operational challenges related to the Pandemic, David brings experience to manufacturing and distribution clients who need skilled support during this difficult and challenging time.

David is a proven interim CEO and Efficiency Consultant. Trained by the author of Six Sigma, David adds value to both Public and Private Manufacturing and Distribution companies. He executes Best Practices with the tools that a client has at hand.

David has performed more than SIXTY ENGAGEMENTS for Private Equity Group portfolio companies that engage in Manufacturing and Distribution and need a fresh perspective provided by a trained and experienced Executive Consultant. He has provided services to several Divisions of Safran Aerospace, TriMas Aerospace, Honeywell, GE Aerospace and Kellstrom Defense. David turned a division of Beacon Industries from “worst supplier” at UTC to “Gold Supplier.” 

David resides in Southern California. He is available to serve clients Worldwide.

If your Portfolio Manufacturing Company
is experiencing operational and profitability challenges,
contact David Adler to set up a ZOOM call.
Mobile: 949.546.654


141 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 102, Pasadena, CA 91101-4757 USA     
Areospace and Defense

Areospace and Defense

Since inception 25 years ago, JANAS has placed among the top 10 percent of M&A specialists in the USA. JANAS Associates – JANAS Consulting and JCC Advisors serve the specialized needs of Lower Middle Market companies globally. JANAS has earned the highest close rate of most competitors. The Firm has closed more than 80% of our sell-side transactions at a higher multiple and better deal structure than many other intermediaries. Typically, Middle Market intermediaries close 50%-60% of their sell-side mandates according to M&A Industry statistics.

JANAS Investment Bankers have hands-on expertise earned from years of owning and managing Aerospace & Defense Industry companies. Whether your company is in manufacturing, engineering, repair station and FBO operations, field services, distribution, brokering or OEM production and support.
JANAS has a track record of transaction and consulting success serving businesses like yours.


  • Middle Market Investment Bank and Management Consulting firm since 1995
  • Expert in Transactions for businesses with valuations from $5M to $150 M
  • 14 Bankers and Consultants
  • With an average of 25 years business experience each
  • Graduates of top Universities and premiere US Corporations

80% sell-side close rate vs industry average of 50% -60% 


  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Auto Retail Services
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Fashion-Retail & Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Medical and Dental Products
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Wholesale B2B & Distribution


  • Sell-side M&A Advisory
  • Buy-side M&A Representation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Exit and Succession Strategies

Barton Webb

Barton has been active in management of both public and private companies since 1991. He bought, managed, grew and sold an Aerospace and Defense manufacturer to an international conglomerate in 2010. He has in-depth experience in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, Manufacturing, Engineering, MRO, and Global Distribution and is knowledgeable concerning Federal and California business and environmental laws.



Paul Richey

Paul enjoyed a 30 year career as a CPA with KPMG, managing 3 offices and serving hundreds of public and private companies, and then began Value Building, Exit Planning and M&A. Prior to rejoining Janas, he managed the Los Angeles office of a large East Coast investment bank for 12 years. He negotiated and managed the sale of a $50+M revenue metal finishing provider that has served the aerospace community (military & commercial) since 1948 and has numerous approvals from industry prime contractors. Paul has also sold an $8M revenue premier provider of metal processing and metal finishing for the aerospace industry, and has consulted with many West Coast metal platers.