The Aerospace & Defense (“A&D”) Industry is experiencing aggressive M&A activity. The combination of Federal government spending on defense and expanding travel on Commercial Airlines are and will be the basis of an active sector with sellers receiving multiple offers.

Underpinning this historic market growth are the emergence of urban air mobility, additive manufacturing, new orbital and deep space programs, supersonic biz-jet development, and electric powered aircraft initiatives. The enhancements add a high arc of growth. Developments have added complexities that require Investment Banks to have special expertise in analyzing and presenting this highly technical and regulated sector of the US economy.

Southern California has been a center for Aerospace & Defense design, development, and manufacturing for decades. Local Aerospace companies are supported by an unparalleled, specialized supply-chain. JANAS focuses on building and achieving value for its clients in this sector.

JANAS Investment Bankers have hands-on expertise earned from years of owning and managing A&D Industry companies. Whether your company is in manufacturing, engineering, repair station and FBO operations, field services, distribution, brokering, or OEM production and support, JANAS has a track record of M&A transaction and Management Consulting successes serving businesses like yours.


JANAS entered into an agreement with LMDD Enterprises, Inc. to sell a third generation Plating Processor. The company, a leader in its niche, specialized in high durability coatings. JANAS identified several potential acquirers. LMDD, dba Dixon Hard Chrome, sold its common stock and real estate to a subsidiary of a Canadian company, Cannerector, Inc. JANAS addressed environmental issues and successfully resolved the challenges. The transaction value for operations and real estate was significantly higher than the JANAS client anticipated.

JANAS was referred by a client legal counsel and represented the retiring owner in the sale of a Manufacturer of Test Equipment and Distributor of Out-of-Production Military Aircraft parts. JANAS demonstrated that a savvy buyer could recover the purchase price efficiently. JANAS identified an institutional buyer and sold Bright West’s common stock and owned real estate for three times the owner’s expectations.

JANAS was engaged to market a Aerospace Metal Finishing Processor. During the sale process, JANAS worked with Management and identified operating challenges that were addressed. JANAS initiated, negotiated, and structured the sale of Coast that served the world’s major manufacturers of military and commercial aircraft. Coast was acquired as the original Platform company of what later became Valence Surface Technologies.

Precision Microcast, Inc. was a producer of Investment Castings, a labor-intensive manufacturing process. The owners, who were nearing retirement, engaged JANAS to sell the Company. The Company experienced a significant increase in Workmen’s Compensation Insurance premiums that substantially reduced EBITDA. JANAS identified a buyer that needed to increase production at its Maquiladora plant in Baja California, Mexico. Based on significant salary savings and no Workmen’s Comp premiums, the buyer paid 10 times current EBITDA.
KEELEY AEROSPACE, LTD. was founded by Bart Webb who heads the Aerospace & Defense M&A and Management Consulting practices for JANAS. Keeley was marketed to a much larger international companies that lacked the breadth of capabilities and depth of Keeley engineering. Keeley sold for 20 times adjusted EBITDA to Hanwha, a Korean conglomerate.

JANAS was engaged to support a Management Buyout. The parent company, Ansett Australia Airlines ceased operations. The company, a supplier of spare and replacement parts for commercial airlines worldwide, was acquired by Management.


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As my representatives, you understood my business, my opportunities, and my challenges. Your firm knew how to tell my story. Because of your international experience and connections, my company sold to a Canadian buyer.

Larry Dixon

CEO, Owner, LMDD Enterprises,
Inc., dba Dixon Hard Chrome

After my partner and I sold Keeley Aerospace, Ltd., I called JANAS and was invited to interview. During our discussions, I was asked to join the firm temporarily until I could find another executive position. I was assigned to the sale of an Aerospace company that fit my knowledge and experience base. After the closing, I decided to get securities licensed and remain with JANAS permanently.

Bart Webb

Managing Director , Aerospace &
Manufacturing, Janas Associates

From assisting in valuations and arranging finances, you covered the full scope of companies that met my acquisition criteria. You understood how to tell me company story when discussing with potential targets and enhanced the image of my company and its Management Team.

Steve Driscol

CEO and Owner, Thermal-Vac, Inc.