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Even amidst the most challenging circumstances, middle market M&A deals persist. JANAS, during a 15-month span from early 2008 through the tumultuous days of 2009, successfully executed eleven transactions and half a dozen consulting assignments, defying the odds of the Great Recession. Even when faced with adversity, buyers driven by strategic imperatives and investors eager to deploy capital remain committed to deal-making. Opportunities abound for well-managed, high-quality companies.

In the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic, JANAS continued to excel in maximizing Enterprise Value. Over a short span, they closed eight transactions involving petroleum distributors, along with acquisitions of an auto parts company, a plastic cash card manufacturer, and a landscaping products firm, all achieving premium valuations. JANAS provided invaluable support to numerous clients seeking to enhance their Enterprise Value.

JANAS‘ adept storytelling prowess instilled confidence in potential buyers, compelling them to pursue acquisitions even amidst the darkest days of the mortgage-backed securities crisis.

Despite the constraints of remain-in-place orders and other restrictions, JANAS has experienced a surge in inquiries from Private Equity Groups and strategic buyers in recent weeks, all emphatically declaring, “We’re open for business!”

For those who may regret not selling their businesses in 2019, JANAS reassures that it’s not too late. Whether seeking retirement or desiring a strong financial partner to navigate uncertain times, JANAS stands ready with substantial resources and expertise to provide support.

Contact JANAS today—we possess a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for businesses, even in challenging environments.


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